Artificial Intelligence

What Is Artificial Intelligence?


A company such as Amazon has shaken the business world through artificial intelligence with products such as Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Alexa, and this has created a pathway for other companies to follow.

Artificial intelligence is spreading far and wide at an amazing or alarming rate, depending on what side of the spectrum you are.

Just in case you do not already understand what Artificial Intelligence really means, or you are on the spectrum skeptic about this technology.

This article is for you.

We are able to use Amazon’s devices to carry out tasks such as playing music, ordering our favorite dish, checking our diary through conversations.

It’s all thanks to Alexa, Amazon’s wonderful conversational artificial intelligence system.


In simple terms, artificial intelligence involves the creation of software that can power machines to act or imitate humans. This concept scares people away, and this is quite understandable.

It is normal for humans to sense danger when something or someone is being predicted to replace them.


But really, artificial intelligence would not and cannot a replacement for humans; instead it is meant to be an aid, a helper to get rid of very mundane tasks that take unnecessary chunk of our time. Giving us the opportunity to do things that we value and truly care about.


There are a lot of preachers of doom, who say Artificial intelligence would lead to the end of mankind. Such claims are very erroneous and have no basis. Artificial intelligence systems would only remain helpers to mankind.


There are a couple of buzzwords that ride along when the term Artificial Intelligence is mentioned. Let’s take a quick look at them, so as to have a better understanding of this technology.


Machine Learning: This is the tool which an artificial intelligence system uses to make predictions. It does so with the aid of algorithms. These machine learning algorithms are used to predict unknown or future values by following the trends from the provided data.


Deep Learning: This is a branch of the machine learning tool, which helps make predictions using artificial neural networks, imitating the way the brain works.


Natural Language Processing: This is a tool which artificial intelligence systems use to understand the complexities of the human language. It helps note things such as the humor, excitement, disappoint, surprise and other human language features to enable smooth communication.


In the case of a conversational artificial intelligence system like Amazon’s Alexa, machines are being programmed to interact with people in the most natural way possible. So Alexa is able to hold great conversations through context awareness, natural language processing.


Artificial intelligence makes Alexa very much useful, as “she” can communicate smoothly with humans by:


  • considering the context of the request from the speaker.

  • being able to pick the most important concepts of a discussion.

  • predicting the tone of speaker and giving replies that are appropriate.

  • being able to “remember” the details of a conversation, and use it as a building block for other conversations.


The concept of artificial intelligence has been around since 1956, and this great technology has room for further improvements as computers become better. The way to go is only forward. Artificial intelligence is here to stay.



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